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FlySky GT3B Info and Facts about GT3B-PSX Firmware

A new Firmware has been written by PSX on the RCTech Forums. The initial release of this firmware just fixed the issues of the GT3B, such as EXPO, limited trim, short backlight timer, etc. However it has grown to 3-8 channels and ALOT of advance features that compete with higher end radios.  

What Does OverkillRC have to do with this?

Overkillrc has assemble kits and wrote detailed installation instructions to make the flashing of the firmware and preforming other modification as painless as possible. If for some reason you need help I provide excellent customer support, via email and through many forums. On RCCrawler, RCShortCoruse, and RCGroups I am under the username losikd and on RCTech i am losikid67. If possible please direct questions through the public forums, so others who are having similar problems can figure it out.

New Features

There are alot of new features for the GT3B, for the most complete list please visit the GT3B Features Page

But the most used and basic ones are

  • 3-8 Channels
  • Trim
  • Sub-trim (All channels)
  • EPA's (All channels)
  • Adjustable Backlight timer
  • Inactivity Alarm
  • 14 Model Memory
  • Calibration Menu
  • ST and TH Dead Zone
  • Channel Speed (All Channels)
  • Dual ESC Mixing
  • 4WS Mixing
  • Multi Position Switches
  • Key Mapping


How do i get these new features?

In order to unlock the full potential of the GT3B you have to reflash the firmware. Which with the kit i sell and the instructions i provide, the task is very simple. In short all you have to do is make 4 simple solder joints, install a program to your computer, plug the radio into the computer, and press program. Please click here for full details on the product.  You can purchase the kit with the info to your right, or via the main product page which can be found in the store (also the link above)


If you feel you arn't up to the task of doing it yourself i also offer pre hacked units. They can be found here The other options you see are other modifications that can be done to the GT3B. I will explain these further down this page.


GT3B Hack- Firmware Kit


What else can I do to make my GT3B better?

There are many other modification that can be done to the Flysky GT3B to make it a better radio. The most Popular is the Voltage Regulator Mod and the Steering Wheel Bearing Mod.

Voltage Regulator Modification 

The current voltage regulator used in the Flysky GT3B is very inefficient, and it gets very hot which can lead to further problems if the radio is used for an extensive period of time. What this new High Efficiency Regulator does is expand the battery life by nearly 50% longer and runs very cool, nearly no heat at all. This is possible because it is a switching  regulator. 

Why its so expensive you may ask, well this because the goal was to find the most  efficient   direct  replacement regulator as possible. Yes there are more efficient regulators that could probably give about 75% longer run time. But these will be 2-3x more expensive and alot harder to add. 

This mod is very easy to install, just snip off the current regulator and solder this one in its place...3 solder joints. For the complete guide please see the Installation manual 


GT3B Volt Reg


Steering Wheel Bearing Modification

There not much of a noticeable difference between the a new radio and a gt3b with the bearing mod done. However if you compare a gt3b that has lots of hours on it and no bearing mod compared to a GT3B with the bearing, there will be a very tonicable difference.

After many hours of use the gt3b steering will obtain some slop in movement and it doesn't twist very smoothly. This is because the plastic steering wheel shaft is supported by another piece of plastic and there is some friction in between the pieces. However by adding a bearing in there to support the ST wheel shaft will ensure a lifetime of smoothness.

 Installing the bearing is very easy, simply by using a body reamer to expand a hole out to 12mm.  For more details please see the Installation Manual


GT3B Bearing Mod (ST Wheel)


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